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Frequently firms begin implementing ISO management system while not deciding to possess their business certification. This result in the chance of achieving ISO 27001 certification later while not abundant further work. However, it’s important that the ISO 27001 security certification is conducted by an accredited certification body.

Through our regular client satisfaction surveys and in conversations with customers, information has been gathered concerning advantages of ISO 27001 certification. Global clients believe that the advantages of IT security management system certification are:

  • Improved company image and a better name.
  • Improved business revenues.
  • Happier customers.
  • Better procedures.
  • Bigger transparency concerning all business operations.
  • Exaggerated job satisfaction among staff.
  • Improved utilization of your time and resources
  • Exaggerated performance.
  • Clear channels of communication.
  • Easier communication.
  • Easier and higher modification management.
  • A lot of economical work concerning public scrutiny authorities.
  • Fewer mistakes.
  • Lower insurance premiums.
  • Higher credit terms.

The critics of accredited ISO 27001 information security certification show that certification needs plenty of useless and time intense ISO 27001 documentation work. Definitely a management system needs some quantity of documentation; however it’s necessary to require the golden mean and solely to document what’s required.

The biggest pitfall is considering the wrong things to be right things. So it’s wise obtain help from a consultant outside the corporate. All our customers’ state that they need benefited from the certification. Once the business is certified, enhancements are easier to create within the business. The regular certification audits facilitate managers notice opportunities for enhancements. Within the finish the certification pays back in higher management and higher performance. A certification from a 3rd party is very important.